MeeMaw (Beedie Frances) and Granddad (Elijah Shanklin) McClellan moved from their farm in southern Coleman County, Texas and the Hill Community where they had lived since 1904, to a property they had purchased at 502 Avenue B, Santa Anna, Texas in 1949. They had lived on the Hill Community farm 45 years and needed to retire and have their children look after them. He was 78 years old and she was 66 years old when they left their farm. Sons Clyde Newton and Lester Archer regularly came to their new house in Santa Anna, Texas to provide day to day checks and care for them. The other living McClellan children who resided away from Coleman County were kept informed about their parents by these brothers.

The Santa Anna, Texas property consisted of a large lot with a frame house of five-rooms, one bath, a front porch and a small back porch. Also, behind this 5 room house was a small, four room caretakers cottage which became the home for their eldest daughter, Lottie Frances (McClellan) Cozart and her son, Kenneth, in September, 1961 after her husband died in August, 1961. Lottie Frances (McClellan) Cozart had the primary care for both Beedie Frances and Elijah Shanklin McClellan until their deaths, Beedie Frances in 1964 and Elijah Shanklin in 1968. After her parents were deceased, Lottie Frances remained on the property and lived in the main house until her death in 1978. Her son, Jesse Kenneth Cozart, was taken by his oldest sister, Frances Laverne (Cozart) Horton to live in Brownwood, Texas.