When Billy was attending West Ward School in Coleman, TX around the 7th grade, he and Charles rode the bus to school each day. On this particular day, Billy was in Ms. Delaney’s last-period study hall, and needed to use the restroom. Unfortunately, Ms. Delaney never let anybody go to the restroom, and Billy was intent on going. As a result, he moved close to the door so he could escape class quickly, hurry down two flights of stairs, out the side door, and to the outside exit near the boys restroom. Just as he reached the outside exit door, he thought to himself “What if the door is locked?” He pulled on the door, and sure enough it was locked. Giggling about the sad situation he was in caused Billy to “dirty his britches.” He eased over to the side stairway, behind a hedge and a cedar tree, where he could see the bus parked at the curb just beyond the playground. He called “Mr. Conway!” until the bus driver came to help. Mr. Conway understood the dilemma, and so sent his high-school-aged son Gordon to give Billy a ride home. Billy’s remembrance is of the “crappiest ride he ever had.” Gordon’s remembrance may be very similar.