Concerning the research about Beedie’s parents, Joseph E. and Mary Frances (Marsh) Archer, we learned that Beedie told her children about hunting for wild berries near their home in Tennessee with her brothers, John and Newt and sister, Delila. The Archer family did move to Ellis County, Texas, but not to Coleman County, Texas. “MeeMaw” McClellan was the name most of the grandchildren of were taught to call her.

MeeMaw McClellan was a tall, heavy-set, quiet, hard-working, pleasant, devoted Christian woman who kept food prepared for her family and guests 24 hours a day. Her kitchen table and the ‘ice box’ were well stocked with cooked, baked, and fresh food. The food that was not perishable was set on the big dining table and covered by a huge white cloth that would be pulled back to get food for children and grandchildren. The perishable foods would be added at meal time. When meal time arrived, the white cloth was removed, plates and silverware were placed on the table and the meal was served.