Elijah Shanklin McClellan drove a 1946 black Ford sedan when he and Beedie Frances (Archer) McClellan lived in Santa Anna, Coleman County, Texas. They moved to Santa Anna, Texas in 1949 when Grandad McClellan was 78 years old and Beedie Frances (Archer) McClellan was 66 years old. Driving in Santa Anna,Texas was more dangerous than driving on the country roads around the farm and to and from Coleman, Texas. About 1965 when his eyesight was weakening and his driving becoming too dangerous, his sons disabled the distributor on his car so that it would not start. Even though Grandad was dissatisfied not having a car, he did not stop making daily trips to the stores in downtown Santa Anna, Texas. He walked the eight or ten blocks to the stores, and on Sunday mornings he faithfully walked to the morning worship service of the First Baptist Church of Santa Anna, Texas.