The E.S. McClellan home in the Hill Community of Coleman County, Texas, near Gouldbusk, Texas, was the birth place of this baby girl, who was named Anna Jewel McClellan. She was born on February 12, 1907.

Anna Jewel McClellan attended Hill School through grade eight, then attended Valera High School for grade nine, boarding in the home of a Mrs. Abernathy until Christmas. She and her sister, Lena, boarded in the home of a Mrs. Tolison from January to May. The next two years Jewel and Lena McClellan attended Coleman High School, boarding in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George M. Smith. In May, 1925 both Lena and Jewel graduated from Coleman High School, then attended Southwest Texas Teachers College in San Marcos, Texas in 1925-26, both earning a two year teaching certificate.

Anna Jewel McClellan was employed at the Hill School her first year of teaching, 1926-27. During the Spring of this school year, when Anna Jewel McClellan was living at the E.S. McClellan home and teaching at the Hill School, a baby girl was born into the E.S. McClellan home. Years later, Anna Jewel reported that she did not sleep at night because of the crying of her baby sister, Bernelle, and that she was very tired each day from lack of rest. She continued as teacher at the Hill School through May of 1933. From 1925-26 to 1928-29, Anna Jewel McClellan attended Southwest State Teachers College in San Marcos, Texas. From 1935 to 1937 she attended Howard Payen College in Brownwood, Texas, graduating on August 4, 1937 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.

On July 11, 1933 Anna Jewel McClellan married Floyd Douglas McMinn. The wedding took place in the home of Reverend Jack Skelton, in Gouldbusk, Texas. Anna Jewel (McClellan) McMinn had purchased a copy of “My Bridal Memory Book” and faithfully made entries in the book about her courtship, the proposal, the wedding invitation, my trousseau, our bridal party, gifts, and for remembrance. Also included in “My Bridal Memory Book” was a clipping of the newspaper report of the wedding, including a report of the honeymoon trip to San Antonio, Houston, Galveston and other Texas points of interest to the bride and groom.

Anna Jewel (McClellan) McMinn’s teaching career began in 1926 and ended with her retirement in 1961, after a total of thirty-five years of public school teaching in seven Texas schools. (Hill, Gouldbusk, Voss, Starkweather, Mozelle, Santa Anna, and Clyde.) During these years, she became the historian for the Elijah Shanklin and Beedie Frances (Archer) McClellan family. She kept birth, marriage, death records, records of accomplishments, records of re-locations to new cities and composed the annual newspaper reports of the McClellan Family Reunion at the Coleman City Park in Coleman, Texas.