Lester McClellan was a sharecropper who farmed land owned by someone else. As payment, Lester gave the land owner 25% of the cotton and 33% of the oats, wheats and barley that he produced. Lester and Eunice worked together on the farm to make it successful. The family owned 3-4 cows, which Charles and Billy were tasked with milking. To milk each cow, one of the boys sat on a small wooden stool and pulled down on the cow’s teats to make the milk squirt into a metal bucket. They had to be careful not to irritate the cow, otherwise she would move and put her foot in the bucket of milk, ruining it. Eunice would take the cream from the milk and churn butter which she put into wooden butter molds. Each butter cake weighed about a pound, and was wrapped in parchment paper for sale at the Piggly Wiggly in Coleman every week. Eunice always sold all of her butter to the grocery to sell to regular customers. This activity went on during World War II (1941 – 1945).